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The Streets shopping center has a storied past that began as the Long Beach Plaza, an enclosed mall that opened around 1979 and fell into receivership in 1996. The new shopping center was a development that was given life in 2002 following the demolition of the old, Long Beach Plaza in 1999. Developers Diversified Realty Corporation (DDR) and Coventry Real Estate Group created Long Beach City Place. It covered 450,000 square feet of retail and residential space on both sides of Long Beach Boulevard. DDR also opened The Pike at Rainbow Harbor entertainment center at the waterfront that following year (2003).

In 2003, Shooshani Developers purchased the six-square blocks west of Long Beach Boulevard, which left the center to the east with the then-Albertson’s and Sav On under separate ownership. Their new shopping center is located in between Third Street, Sixth Street, Pine Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard and the footprint represents a 350,000-square-foot urban, pedestrian-oriented shopping and restaurant destination nestled at the core of downtown Long Beach. City Place featured an Art Deco-ish style with colors, materials and textures that integrate with the surrounding buildings.

City Place continued to grow and reflect the changing needs of Downtown Long Beach. As the demographics began shifting towards a more family friendly environment, Shooshani Developers brought in Chuck E. Cheese’s to service those needs in November 2013.However, the picture changed somewhat following the departure of three of the shopping center’s anchors including Nordstrom Rack, which closed in 2014, Fresh & Easy, which filed bankruptcy and closed in 2015 and Walmart, which closed in 2016.

These closures occurred for several reasons including a challenging global and local economy, corporate logistics and re-visioning, and evolving demographics or target markets.

These changes did not happen in a bubble. While observing the changing face of downtown and its new corporate, retail and hospitality demands, Shooshani Developers began assessing a variety of viable options that would continue to fuel the growth in downtown, service the needs of the existing and new residents and provide opportunities for ongoing professional development.

All of the restructuring needed to take place in a shopping center that was designed and built in the late 90s and would require a near overhaul and facelift to compliment the evolving Downtown Long Beach.With this goal in mind, Shooshani Developers contacted Studio One Eleven and Retail Design Collaborative after learning that they were looking for a new home. They shared the same vision for a new City Place that included elements from the changing downtown Los Angeles with its growing Arts District and the urban-scape in the La Brea area of Los Angeles, among others.In October 2015, a new concept was created for City Place that centers on the repurposing and repositioning of the shopping center.

A grand plan for a nearly 4-year, 3-phase, multi-million dollar project that is currently underway is transforming Downtown Long Beach and its great core.This is a downtown evolution focusing on urban revitalization that other downtowns and specific areas have successfully incorporated – both architecturally and culturally.The first phase of the project is focusing on the areas from Third Street between Pine Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard, and Promenade North between Third Street and Fourth Street. Harvey Milk Park is also playing a great role in the new district. The new project is building on the existing foundation and making it better by integrating into the adjacent downtown, and eventually repurposing the entire area into a vibrant mixed-use district featuring a hub of unique restaurants, businesses and retail for all the residents of Long Beach to enjoy.In March 2017, Studio One Eleven and Retail Design Collaborative moved into the former Nordstrom Rack, a 34,300 SF creative office space. The new offices marked the first phase of the revitalization of the shopping center. It was also announced that City Place would now be referred to as “The Streets” and that each street in the six-block area will develop as micro destinations with a unique personality based on the tenant mix.

The Downtown area is now flourishing with new activity and growth. Together with Studio One Eleven and Retail Design Collaborative, every effort is being made to create the right balance of work, eat, live and play that will enhance the existing surroundings and appeal to today’s audiences.In June 2017, Shooshani Developers confirmed a partnership with California State University, Long Beach, to develop a project at The Streets to be located on 4th Street and 5th Street between Promenade North and Long Beach Boulevard.In May 2018, Shooshani Developers commenced on the development of “The Place at The Streets,” a new 20-unit mixed-use urban stylistic development on the parcel of land across from the former Walmart site on 5th Street and Promenade North. The Streets is now a 350,000-square-foot shopping center that offers more than 40 popular retail stores, specialty shops, entertainment venues and dining outlets.

The Downtown area shopping includes Big 5 Sporting Goods, Daniel’s Jewelers, Jean Machine, Ross Dress For Less and Luxury Perfumes, among others. The Streets also presents a wide array of restaurants such as Table 301, a contemporary new way to experience dining that is centered on fine food, craft cocktails and inspiring conversation; and the soon-to-open Portuguese Bend Distilling – Grain to Glass Craft Distillery.

Owners & Operators

Shooshani Developers, LLC.


The Streets is a 350,000-square-foot shopping center that offers more than 40 popular retail stores, specialty shops, entertainment venues, and dining outlets.


The shopping center is being left to self-identify and not being given an official name to better be a part of and integrated into the thriving and evolving Downtown.

Moving forward, guests can refer to the ground level of the six-block area as ‘The Streets’ and that each street will develop as micro destinations with a unique personality based on the tenant mix. Leveraging the City’s grid within the former shopping center’s footprint will allow the area to self-identify as a multi-faceted destination offering a variety of mixed-use services including professional, residential, retail and restaurants that will serve residents and visitors alike.

CSULB Partnership

The Streets and California State University, Long Beach, announced their partnership to develop the “CSULB Village” to be located on 4th Street and 5th Street between Promenade North and Long Beach Boulevard. Construction to start soon.


Located in the heart of downtown, The Streets is centered in between Third Street, Sixth Street, Pine Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard.


The Streets provides two hours of free parking in its parking structures and lots, including convenient metered street parking throughout the area.


Proudly featuring more than 40 tenants in the following retail, specialty shops, entertainment and dining categories:

Community Services

City of Long Beach Veterans

U.S. Armed Forces

Public Arts Program

In compliance with the City’s public arts program, The Streets features two murals created specifically for the shopping center by Long Beach artist Sandow Birk.

The Streets also features the restored and incorporated “Long Beach Recreation,” a historic tile mosaic designed for the facade of the old Long Beach Municipal Auditorium in 1932.

And a community theater favorite, The Found Theatre is nestled in a 1,500-square-feet showroom with 37 seats.